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Written by Trevor Ellis

Why air conditioning and furnace inspection is important

If you have a system that heats, it should be inspected by a licensed professional before you need it in the winter. A cooling system inspection should be done in the spring and furnace inspection should be done in the fall. There are several good reasons for this. Let’s take a look at what these furnace inspections actually consist of and you’ll see why they’re so important.

HVAC preventative maintenance

As implied by the name, we are looking for potential problems during your furnace inspection. A furnace inspection you can potentially increase efficiency and reduce expensive repairs . You will be rewarded with a system that works when you need it.

In the spring outdoor units will be checked to ensure that the refrigerant level is correct and the coils will be thoroughly cleaned. The base pan is inspected to make sure that the drainage openings are clear. Next, we take a look at the fan motor and blades to make sure they’re not getting worn out or damaged. They might also need a bit of lubrication. Then we turn our attention to the control box and all its wiring. There’s a whole list of things we look at here: relays, contractors, circuit boards, capacitors and so on. Last but not least, we make sure that the compressor is in good working order.

indoor furnace inspection is just as thorough. We check the blower assembly, makeing sure the motor and fan are lubricated if needed and checked for signs of wear. We change the blower belt if needed. We make sure there’s no debris in the blower housing. Now we inspect the evaporator coil, drain pan and drainage lines making sure that they’re clean and in good working order. The furnace inspection includes checking for gas leaks.This is clearly an important safety measure. We also make sure that the burner assembly is properly adjusted and cleaned. Then we go over the ignition system, all the safety controls. We check the heat exchanger. We check out the flue system making sure that all its parts are safe and in good condition. We make sure that all the wiring and electronics are working nicely and ensure that the filters are properly cleaned so that you’ll have good air quality. Last but not least we go over all the ducts making certain that they’re  intact.

Did you think our furnace inspection is finished now? Think again. Once we’re sure we’ve checked and cleaned everything and replaced any worn parts, we run the system to make sure it’s working correctly.We make sure it responds to the controls and doesn’t give off any funny smells. That’s not all! We check temperatures, system pressures and refrigerant and make sure that the vent system works properly. Once we’ve ensured that the system is working to specification, we give you a full report so that you’ll know exactly what we needed to do to get your system up and running at peak performance!

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