Heating system types?

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Heating system that is best for you?

When you have to make choices such as what type of heating system is best for you, being informed is the first step in assessing the pros and cons of different types of systems. Here’s the low down.Heating
Forced air heating and cooling systems.  
Most people choose this method of heating and cooling. Air is heated by the furnace and the furnace fan then moves the heated air through the air ducts and is released through vents. The system is efficient, reliable and you can choose to humidify or de-humidify the air at the same time. It’s a cost-effective way to heat your home. Forced air is either gas or electric.


Radiant heating

Radiant Heat


Some people are more comfortable with radiant heating systems. The most common and effective choice is underfloor heating. Hot water pipes are laid beneath the flooring and radiate heat up through the floor distributing the heat evenly. Unfortunately, these systems are costly to install and difficult to repair and maintain if they malfunction. They’re also a bit slow to heat up a room because the heat has to pass through the flooring materials first.
Hydronic Heating



In this type of system, hot water is heated in a boiler and piped through the house to baseboards from which the heat is released. It’s a fairly energy efficient system and of course, it’s dead quiet. It’s also really easy to regulate the temperature, but it takes quite a long time to heat up a chilly room. The other problem is the baseboards: they get in the way.
Heat Pump

Heat pumps work perfectly in more mild winter climates like the southern half of the United states. They are more cost effective to operate than gas or electric heat systems.Heat is removed from the outside air and sent into the evaporator coil inside. Unlike a fire type furnace they do not dry out the air in your home. Too dry of air will crack wood floors, bookshelves  ect. made of wood.



Choosing a heating system
Whatever type of heating system you choose, it’s important to make sure that it’s the right size for the area you want heated. You’re going to spend a fair amount of money on a new furnace, so getting one that’s going to be energy efficient and do the job is top of the list of priorities. If you call in a pro, they’ll do some pretty complicated math and come back with a recommendation that will work for you.
Ask about the AFUE, that’s the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of the system. The higher the AFUE the less you’re going to pay in energy bills once the system’s up and running. Getting a system with a low AFUE is going to cost you in the end, even though it might initially seem cheaper.

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