Bugs in My Air Conditioner

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Bugs in my Air Conditioner

Bugs in my Air Conditioner well you’ve heard about ‘bugs’ in computer programs before, but when we speak of bugs in the air conditioner, we’re speaking literally! That’s right, insects aren’t just a problem in the kitchen or garden – they also damage air conditioning.bugs
Particularly in the summer months, we’re often called on to fix problems with air conditioners that have been caused by bugs. Elder bugs look very similar to ladybugs and they seem to love getting into air conditioner units. Asian beetles like your AC too. So what do these bugs in your air conditioning actually do?
If a bug ends up in your contactor, it can cause electrical shorts or even a complete failure. When the air conditioner switches on, the contactor closes, squashing the bug and that’s the start of your problems! You might feel sorry for the bug, but you’ll be feeling sorry for yourself, since the contactor is now dead too and your air conditioner doesn’t work.
The best way to prevent this problem from occurring is by making sure that your air conditioning system gets a thorough going-over in the spring before you need to turn it on. If our technicians find bugs in the unit, they’ll clean them out, thereby preventing your contactors from burning out the first time your air con kicks in during the summer.
Of course, there’s always a chance you’ll get a bug in your air conditioner even if you do have it cleaned out regularly. That’s why we’re on call to help you out with any repairs you might need and you may be sure that our qualified technicians will give you the best service and technical know-how that’s available. Make sure you save our number for your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) maintenance and repair requirements. TJE Mechanical L.L.C. 281-259-1381





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