Awards received by Owner.Would You like to know if the company that’s about to work on your system actually has some training in the field? We agree and so these Awards are posted for your review.

We wish posting certificates was a requirement for every industry providing professional service to you. You might also want to check to see the person working on your system is actually has certificates,credentials, licensed to do it. For example and air conditioning contractor licence will end in the letter “E” denoting environmental air. A person licensed for refrigeration will have the letter “R” on the end.  A person state licenced to do both will have the letter “C” denoting combination on the end. Do you know by state law the license number must be displayed in 2″ high letters somewhere on the service vehicle? This is part of their credentials.


How about insurance? Do you know by Texas Law they must have insurance to protect you in the event something would go wrong? Ask for your contractors Insurance certificate.Awards are a way that we can tell who has proven their proficiency by people who understand and know what knowledge is required to perform the work. Our awards show a variation of knowledge from actually working on the systems to talking to people on the telephone. The first Certificate was awarded October of 1986.

Certificate Received In 1986 and 1987certificate 1987cert1987

33″ Modulating Furnace

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim 2013 Diamond Contractor

Basic HVAC Exam

Manitowoc Ice Machine

Heat Pump Systems

33′ Single Stage Gas Furnace

R-410a Refrigerant

Air Volume Measurement

Introduction to Psychometrics

Telephone Skills

Indoor Air Quality

Communication Skills

XV18 and XV20 variable speed

Equipment Staging York Commercial Controls

EPA certification

Residential Communicating Air Conditioning Systems

Two Stage Gas Furnace

R410a Refrigerant piping Design

Preventive Maintenance


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