Bar cooler, Reach in Beer Cooler, drink cooler is not working correctly? First of all you need TJE Mechanical to repair your reach in cooler. In addition call us to set up appointments with TJE Mechanical for maintenance on your bar cooler or sandwich cooler. Because we have been in the industry for many, we know how drink cooler works and the kind of care they demand to keep them running. TJE Mechanical repairs and installs all commercial bar cooler or sandwich cooler and prides ourselves in going the extra mile when it comes to your commercial cooler system. We can also schedule repairs when it is convenient for you. In addition system maintenance will keep your warranty valid. We also offer commercial preventative maintenance agreements in the Houston area.

Bar cooler

This Means:

Lower Utility bills, Extended Equipment Life also Fewer Repairs, Improved capacity, in addition Discount on Repairs Priority Customer Inflation Protection Agreement Is Transferable 24 Hour Emergency Service finally Never an Overtime Charge.

Bar Cooler

Size and Insulation

Commercial coolers and sandwich coolers also come in different configurations. One door, two door, and also three door reach in cooler. In addition doors can also be halved for more compartmentalized storage. When considering what size refrigerator is right for your commercial kitchen, also keep in mind that the larger the unit, the more energy it will consume.

In addition Energy Star has begun rating commercial bar, beer cooler, drink cooler and sandwich coolers. Also use the Energy Star guide to identify coolers that are the most energy efficient.

Energy usage must also be weighed against the amount of storage space you need. The most efficient way to organize your bar cooler, sandwich cooler or drink cooler storage space is probably gradually smaller units the closer you get to the hottest part of the kitchen, the production line.

Therefore start with a walk in for bulk storage, then a two or three door bar refrigerator stocked with daily or weekly supplies, and finish with a one door bar cooler or sandwich cooler nearest the line for quick and easy access by kitchen staff.

Finally a commercial cooler has thick insulation to maximize efficiency and cool air holding power. Stainless steel interiors are more expensive than aluminum or galvanized ones, but are stain and rust resistant, can withstand heavy use, and are much easier to clean and sanitize.

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