Walk in Commercial freezer information will save you money and frustration. Many problems are caused by not understanding the operation of commercial freezer.  The basic cycle of is the same as with a walk in cooler .  The commercial freezer in this example comes on at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and runs until the temperature comes down to -5 degrees. Then the condensing unit turns off. The air warms from doors opening, heat passing through the walls and the food itself. When the temperature reaches 0 degrees, the condensing unit comes on again to repeat the cycle. The evaporator fan runs during the cycle described above. The commercial freezer fans are off if the evaporator coil is too warm or is in defrost.

The Big Difference between Walk in Coolers and walk in Freezers

The air in a walk-in cooler is warm enough to defrost the evaporator during the off cycle. If the air temperature in the walk-in is below 35 degrees, a timer needs to be used to insure adequate defrost. The condenser is cut off and the evaporator fans continue to run. In a Walk in freezer the air is too cold to use warm air defrost for the evaporator coil. A defrost timer turns off the commercial freezer condenser and turns on electric heaters in the evaporator coils. A heater is also placed in the drain line to keep it from freezing the condensation drain.

The evaporator fans on a commercial freezer are off during the defrost cycle. After the defrost cycle ends the fans will not come on until the evaporator coil is cold.

If the thermostat on a walk-in cooler is turned too low, the evaporator will freeze. The heaters on a freezer defrost the coil at preset times.


What You Need To Know About Your Walk In Freezer

The air may warm during defrost, especially if there is not much product in the walk in freezer. The product temperature should not rise.  If it is warm and the evaporator fans are off, check to see if the product is still frozen solid. Then give the defrost cycle enough time to end. If it does not start freezing, something is wrong with your commercial freezer, give TJE Mechanical a call.

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