Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair

Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair. TJE Mechanical is different than other air conditioning companies. Since technicians also participate in continuing education. Our trained air conditioning service technicians are also happy to sit down with you to listen to your needs for your Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair to fit your budget.

Quality System

We pride ourselves on working hard to ensure that you get affordable and quality system backed by excellent customer service. Also our technicians are trained in air conditioner replacement, air conditioner tune up and Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair. This also includes electric heat system,gas heat system to ductless systems. From cement slab homes, block and beam homes to manufactured homes.We offer affordable financing with deferred payments.

 Air Conditioning,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair

Walk in Commercial cooler operation knowledge how your walk in works will save you money and frustration. Many cooler problems are caused by not understanding the operation of  walk in cooler equipment. Your Commercial cooler is very similar to a commercial reach-in cooler. It is not similar to a residential refrigerator. A household refrigerator is actually a freezer that uses some of the freezer’s air to cool the refrigerator part.

If your  Air Conditioner,Furnace & Cooling Repair is more than 15 years old, it’s just not as efficient as modern systems. In addition, the system efficiency decreases over time as it wears out. And more efficient system over time actually pays for itself. Have a pro check out the math for you if you think that this might be a good option. Heating & cooling Repair


By law,furnace repair  contractors are not allowed to leave a heating furnace in a unsafe condition.Also a crack in the heat exchanger allows Carbon monoxide to leak into the airstream.This toxic gas can even result in death. Once your heat exchanger has cracked,heating repair may not be an option for you. It maybe time to get a replacement unit.
Check out your system as a matter of urgency after a flood or have had a situation where a broken water pipe or a sump pump failure. If the water has caused any of the components to become degraded, you may need to look at heating repair or an entirely heating new system. Again, the main danger is that of carbon monoxide leaks.

Equipment age

Repairs cost more as machinery and equipment age. At some point, repairing the furnace might actually work out more expensive than simply replacing it with a new one. Once again, we’re here to help and provide options with our clients needs and their budget in mind. We are happy to offer affordable options to our customers.

What about their insurance?Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner units involve heavy and expensive equipment that runs under extreme pressures and extremely high voltage. Improperly installed or repaired air conditioner systems can be extremely dangerous. If there is an accident, is your  Air Conditioner contractor going to be able to cover the liability, or are you going to be stuck paying for this yourself?

Model and Maintenance

Before you contact any  Air Conditioner contractor in TX, it’s good to know the model of your current AC Unit and maintenance history.And if you know the model and manufacturer of your air conditioning system, you can ask the potential HVAC repair contractor about the kind of experiences they’ve had with your type of unit. If you know the repair history, not only will you help the AC service folks know if your system is due for replacement, but you’ll also be able to know if they’re trying to dupe you into buying something that you don’t need.

Uncomfortable rooms

Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair service folks can do more for you than just fix the obvious problems with your HVAC systems. If you present a list of rooms that are uncomfortable, a talented AC contractor should be able to present you with some ways to fix this and that doesn’t always mean adding another air conditioner to the house or room.

 Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair Money Saving Tips

If Murphy’s law is any indication, your air conditioners steady humming will fail on the hottest day in the summer,in addition requiring you to call TJE Mechanical. While we love serving Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia,Cypress,Conroe and North Houston communities we thought we would offer a few useful tips to try before you call TJE Mechanical. Hopefully with a little troubleshooting on your part with our tips, you will be able to fix the problem yourself, then you can spend the money you saved on your Air Conditioner on something more enjoyable.

 A/C,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair Tip 1:

Check your breakers. Electricity in the Houston area is considered “Dirty” electricity. Sometimes surges can cause a breaker to trip.It can be expensive to have a Technician simply reset the breaker. Also remember, to reset turn the breaker to the “OFF” position first then to the “ON” position. Make sure you check the breaker before you assume all is lost, sometimes the simplest solutions really are the best.

 Air Conditioner,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair Tip 2:

Check your thermostat Sometimes your thermostat can make you believe you need to call TJE Mechanical. Because it is easy to check and see if you just need batteries. Make sure the “FAN” is set to “AUTO” and not in the “ON” position. In addition maybe the power went out in the night or while you were at work, check your settings to confirm they are where you want.

Air Conditioning,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair Tip 3:

Change you filter. We have all heard we need to change our air conditioners filter regularly. Dirty filters can cause higher electric bills for air conditioners.In addition dirty filters can cause loss of airflow creating ice on the evaporator coil. As a result this causes liquid Freon to return to the compressor, this can cause compressor failure which is very expensive!

TIP 4:

A/C,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair Examine your ducts and registers. If your ducts are blocked you may not need air conditioner repair,also check to see if something has fallen on the duct, like a storage box, blocking it. in addition blocked ducts will prevent air conditioning from reaching all rooms in your home or office. Are the registers open? Make sure your air conditioners register is open before you call TJE Mechanical.

​ in Conclusion these tips will not prevent you from needing Air conditioning,Furnace,Refrigerator,Cooling,Repair service from TJE Mechanical. However you will know that something simple than can cost you money hasn’t gone overlooked. When you call TJE Mechanical, you have called a state licensed,Insured, honest and reputable company to give you the quality service you deserve.

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